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Now in Japan
The DigiTokyo Map & Calendar is a sister project to the world-renowned Silicon Valley Map & Calendar. Featuring dozens of major players in the industry, it defines and promotes Tokyo’s high-tech scene.

For 2009, we enhanced the design with high-resolution 3D graphics (nearly one trillion polygons!) to highlight this city’s explosive growth in digital technologies.

 Click map to see a larger version.

To better serve the DigiTokyo sponsors, we also created a Japanese-language site, DigiTokyo

For more than a decade, the DigiTokyo Map & Calendar brought recognition and a sense of a community to the undisputed high-tech center of Asia.

Note: DigiTokyo is on hiatus while we redesign for the future. Please contact Hazuki Kataoka for details.

Key Features of Silicon Valley Maps and Calendars

  • Recognized worldwide as the icon of Silicon Valley and the high technology industry
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When you join Silicon Valley’s leading companies on the Silicon Valley Map & Calendar, you receive:
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