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An Illustrated History of Silicon Valley Maps
Once upon a time, Jill Amen, the CEO of Trestria, worked in the marketing department of Micro Linear, a semiconductor company. Her boss wanted her to find a source for a combination map and calendar. Unable to locate a supplier, she decided to do it on her own — and that was the birth of the Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar in 1989.

This innovative spirit is seen over and over in the valley. Silicon Valley isn’t so much a place as it is an idea. More than any specific landmark or point of geography, Silicon Valley is identified with the spirit of innovation — a frontier of limitless possibilities that beckon the bold.

The original calendar began as illustrated art but migrated to computer graphics by the late ’80s. Striving to present a different view each year, the calendars have taken on thematic representations of the technology and entrepreneurial mindset Silicon Valley cultivates. This valley is the major technological center of the world, creating one of the most unique business ecosystems on the planet and the greatest combination of brainpower and wealth the world has ever seen.

We invite you to gaze upon the past editions of the Classic Map, chronicling those players who’ve made it and those who’ve passed by the wayside. (Click the images to see larger versions. Each opens in a new window.)

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