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Sponsors: Put Your Company on The Map!™
It’s difficult to find a promotional product that’s unique, affordable, and has a high perceived value to the people who receive it. Yet that’s precisely what you get when you use Silicon Valley Maps and Calendars in your promotional and brand marketing. And the benefits don’t stop there: With calendars, your brand and message get exposure three or more times per day, 365 days a year. Each Map & Calendar features your company’s logo, Web address, and an illustration of your facility or product on a full-color map of the region. You can further customize your poster with a prominent silver foil stamp of your company’s logo and message.

Join Silicon Valley Map as we continue to promote Silicon Valley’s leading companies and put your company on The Map. We are now accepting sponsorship orders for the 2018 edition, which begins shipping in late 2017. We also offer single copies of the 2017 edition with a blank imprint area.

For details on putting your company on the Silicon Valley Map, please contact Krystal Woodworth at (925) 314-1130, x25. You can also download our convenient Space Reservation Form.

Collectors: Buy Individual Silicon Valley Maps
Order your own maps in our secure online store.

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